Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's the Teachers' Fault Schools Are Bad

This NY Times article is about Brockton (Mass.) High School, where featherbedding, change-resistant union teachers have brought the school from failing to outperforming 90% of Massachusetts schools in the past 10 years.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

An Easy Keeper

Easy keeper, from Wikipedia

Wow, I just found out that I'm an easy keeper!

According to Wikipedia, an easy keeper is a critter that can do well with relatively poor feed. They generally come from stock that has been bred to survive in harsh climates; on a too-rich, modern diet, an easy keeper is prone to obesity and related ills. Ponies, which are basically small horses, are usually easy keepers. Well, I'm pony-sized compared to the average person, bred in a harsh climate (F3 Buffalo via Poland), and prone to obesity and related ills.

Wiki further tells us that easy keepers need to pay attention to diet, and to get plenty of exercise, especially aerobic exercise. I should take heed.