Saturday, August 4, 2007

Critter Blogging

These guys, or ladies actually, are living between the screen and the window of my bathroom. I discovered them when the weather got warm and I wanted to open the window. I am patiently waiting for fall and chilly weather, when I can knock them out of the window and get them with bug spray*. They're beautiful creatures, I just don't want them quite so close! They're very alert, and the ones that line up up top seem to be the guardians. As soon as I move the curtain, they're on the edge of the screen, facing in and watching my every move. Another wasp will approach, and they'll touch antennae, apparently to say "look out for the biped on the other side of the glass. Their senses are poor, but they have bad weapons!"

*I don't usually use insecticides. Hornets living in the windows are an exception.

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