Tuesday, August 19, 2008

TBogg's Satchmo

TBogg's Satchmo

TBogg’s Satchmo, 1997-2008

They had to put him down, that good old dog

With the wise eyes and patient look.

He couldn’t understand the pain

That grew too much, too fast;

His days had run their too-short course.

He understood the days spent walking on the beach

Or sleeping in the sun. The warmth of fellow-dogs,

The comfort of the humans’ talk.

He did not understand the pain.

He could not understand the pain.

Maybe someone can send this to TBogg. I couldn't log in to post a comment.

1 comment:

maryc said...

hey, rugosa.

Just clicked onto your link and saw your beautiful tribute to the ever wonderful Satchmo.


I would send it to Tbogg, but it might be....I dunno. It's tough when you lose a furbaby, you know?

Let me know if you would still like him to have it. I have an account over there, so I could post it or email it to him (I think.)